About The Book


EATERS DIGEST: The Care and Feeding of Your Microbiome

One of the most common problems today is: What does it means to be a human living in an advanced technological world?  Of particular importance is how to make simple decisions about what food to eat and how to take responsibility for our own health.  This book addresses some basic questions about food, our health, and the microbiome: How did we get to this point?  What should we know about food and ourselves? What does the microbiome mean for me and my personal health?  

This book addresses the “why” and the “how”, but also the one question that I always hear after people read books on food, health, the microbiome: “What should I do today?”  General information is not helpful; we don’t make general decisions, we make specific and personal decisions.  The NOW questions are: What should I eat? What about fad diets?  What does “healthy” mean?

We will begin with a foundation for understanding.  With an ecological understanding of the microbiome, in combination with an understanding of antibiotics, modern food, food quality, pharmaceuticals, medical interventions, and ecosystems. After that, the questions concerning our modern medical and health issues will become more understandable.  

We frequently hear that the future of health depends on medical breakthroughs and more detailed knowledge, but also that it might take years.  I don’t think we don’t have the luxury of waiting. On the other hand, I also think we have the information we need right now.  I suggest that real solutions require a change of orientation regarding what human health is and that begins with understanding what the microbiome is.  What keeps the microbiome healthy? How we can make smart food decisions on a daily basis and over the long term?  I hope to convince you that, starting today, we can all make more informed decisions about our personal health.