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Starting the New Year Right

The dilemma of modern food

Today, our supermarkets provide options that are essentially a Hobson’s Choice in the sense that you can take it or leave it.  Thomas Hobson lived in Merry Olde England and had about 40 horses for rent.  The number of horses gave the impression that Hobson was offering a choice of quality.  Upon arriving at the stables, the potential renter found that Hobson insisted that the only horse available for rent was the one nearest the door – take it or leave it. There was, in fact, no choice, no diversity, no options regarding quality of the horse. It wasn’t that quality or variety didn’t exist, but Hobson was protecting his highest quality horses and insisting that the average renter make use of his lower quality horses.

Choosing healthy food in today’s world

This is where we find ourselves in the food world today.  We are literally surrounded by food in the supermarket, yet the overwhelming diversity is an illusion.  In the supermarket world, “quality” is measured by sales volume and profit.  It’s the popular, highly advertised, mass produced “foods” that are “on sale”.  There are other choices, for sure, but if one bag of chips is $1 and another bag is $5, is that really a choice?  If eggs are on sale for $1 a dozen, do you gravitate instead to the $6 a dozen eggs? And of course, every restaurant you eat at has chosen the $1 eggs and the $1 chips because their goal is to keep costs low and prices competitive with other restaurants. How do you eat high quality food in this economy?

Taking control of your diet; take control of your health

Eating healthy food means being more informed at the supermarket. We have to ignore the cheap options because, in today’s market, cheap means lower quality. The Dollar Menu and “all you can eat” are health mistakes.  They are based on the least expensive and lowest quality food available.  Learn about food and especially about what qualities your food should have. This book will explain what quality means, and what it can do for your health and for your microbiome.

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If you’re looking for information on how to make healthy decisions about food and take responsibility for your own health, you’re not alone. One of the most common questions in our advanced technological world is how to maintain a healthy digestive system. To answer this, it’s important to understand the role of the microbiome in our overall health.

 If you’re wondering how to get started on a healthy microbiome diet, there are plenty of resources available. Eating healthy books and healthy food book PDFs can provide valuable information on the best food for digestion and the benefits of digestive health. The best books for healthy eating will also offer specific guidance on how to make informed decisions about your personal health.